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Uniting in style, one country at a time

StyleDiplomacy.com is an online platform offering high-end designs from emerging fashion destinations. We scout off the beaten path locations so you can gain access to the most fashion forward, unique and rare designs. Through travels, our team meets with talented designers that offer a fresh perspective on fashion embracing women’s individuality.  Most of the designs available for purchase on our site are handmade and produced in very limited quantities.

The name Style Diplomacy is inspired by a simple idea that beauty and human creativity transcend borders and build connections. Our designs are unique combinations of modern, avant- garde and national artistic traditions. By bringing them to you, we offer you a way into a culture as opposed to just fashion. We take you on a virtual journey to previously unknown destinations and help you, a sophisticated traveller, with planning a trip by providing you with curated places to see, eat, and shop.

We see you as someone who dreams of travels, likes having fun with fashion, and comfortable mixing and matching pieces from a sought after designers with something that most people had never heard of…until they see it on you. You like to stand out in any crowd and be different, be your own self. We make it one bit easier for you by delivering curated designs from all over the world to your feet.

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