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posted: Feb 13, 2017

23 Abano Str. Tbilisi, Georgia
Photos © Khasheria
Tel: 0322 72 11 57

Casual restaurant run by US-trained celebrity chef Tekuna Gachechiladze who appeared on Anthony Bouardain’s Parts Unknown show is the late night spot across the domes of the Sulfur Baths (open 24 hours on weekends). Khasheria is famous for its soup spicy khashi – traditional hangover cure. Take home Georgian red and green Adjika (pepper paste) , Svanetian Salt, Sunflower oil and Tarragon Vinegar if you decide to visit the place for some mouthwatering food. You will absolutely love sulguni with tomatoes and herbs, elarji balls with almond baje, and slow cooked veal cheeks in red wine. This is also a place to try chacha from a local distillery Armazi and fruit brandy from another artisan distillery Rivaro.

Must Eat: Khashi- traditional hangover cure.

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