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Hyatt Regency

posted: Mar 9, 2017

5, Alla Tarasova Str. Kiev, Ukraine.
Photos © Hyatt Regency
Tel: +380 44 581 1234

Step inside Hyatt Regency Kiev and experience real time vacation. There is a lot to love about the hotel, but most of all you’ll enjoy the floor-to-ceiling windows revealing panoramic views of the city landscape. You’ll have a preview of the St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Michael’s golden-domed Monastery. After a long day of sightseeing you can adore delicious dinner served in the 24-hour restaurant. Seafood lovers will especially be surprised with what the place has to offer. Treat yourself with the Turkish steam bath, aromatherapy and reflexology massage after swimming laps in a 20 meter heated pool. If you like yoga, then this is the time to visit the hotel gym and release all the good vibes. As the night approaches walk over to the Whiskey Corner to grab a drink.

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