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Klukva & Brukva

posted: Mar 9, 2017

16, Antonovycha St. Kiev, Ukraine.
Tel: +380 96 500 5097

The first Ukrainian locavore restaurant is a must explore during your stay in Kiev. Run by famous gastro-expert Viktoria Parhomenko, it welcomes guest with delicious dishes made of local ingredients. The modern take on Ukrainian cuisine is apparent here as well. The lofty design is cozy and offers an inviting environment. Try authentic blintzes with different fillings and several types of traditional Ukrainian beet soup – borsch and take home local wines, marinades, and freshly baked goods straight from the oven. You will not find any sodas here but please enjoy homemade drinks made of fresh fruit.

Must Eat: All sort of fermented veggies, pie with duck and raspberry marmalade, oven roasted beef with grilled vegetables, Poltava cheese dumplings with mushroom stew, and hot poppy pie with ice cream for dessert.

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