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posted: Mar 9, 2017

57A Saksahanskoho Str. Kiev, Ukraine.
Tel: +380 99 409 4686

Musafir, meaning a visiting guest in Tatar language, has very recently relocated from Bakhchysarai, Crimea and since then has become one of the most popular restaurants in Kyiv. Delicious and inexpensive Tatar food served in a welcoming atmosphere, quickly became a gathering place for locals who come to enjoy a casual meal or celebrate birthdays in a group setting. All meat here is halal because Tatars are typically Muslim but beer is served except for Ramadan. Among the standouts in the menu is the Chebureki- deep fried dough filled with ground or minced meat and onions and manti – meat filled dumplings. We highly recommend finishing your meal with a thick cup of Turkish coffee prepared in hot sand and served in jezve, a small copper pot for brewing coffee. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reservation is recommended. Free WiFi.

Must Eat: Lagman soup, chebureki with meat, Kebab with salad and sauce, and bakhlava with black Turkish coffee.

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