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Nested between the Great Caucasus Ridge on the North and the Black Sea to the West, Georgia is a wondrous place beaconed to be discovered. Georgia is once ancient and modern, conservative and avant-garde, solemn and playful. And if you happen to be a fashionista, Georgia unveils an even more surprising discovery – it is home to an original, sophisticated and creative fashion tradition which has increasingly marked its place on the global fashion scene.


Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

A comfortable welcoming hotel can be the one thing that can transform a place into a home and can infuse the authentic experience of Georgia with high end hospitality. Read More »


Boutique hotel is a delightful mix of tradition and contemporary trend. The coveted hotel is located near the Presidential Palace and is a 15 minute walk from the Freedom Square. Read More »

Tbilisi Marriot Hotel

The award-winning, five star Tbilisi Marriot Hotel stands as a reminder of old Tiflis’ golden era. Read More »
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Azerphesha, famous for its cozy interior and modern take on Georgian cuisine belongs to John Wurdeman, the owner of the Pheasant Tear’s winery. Read More »


Littera takes our award for the most romantic cafe in Tbilisi set in the courtyard of the historic Writer Union house built by the early 20th century philanthropist and founder of the Georgian brandy David Sarajishvili. Read More »


Casual restaurant run by US-trained celebrity chef Tekuna Gachechiladze who appeared on Anthony Bouardain’s Parts Unknown show is the late night spot across the domes of the Sulfur Baths. Read More »
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As much as we love Tbilisi for its ancient castles, character houses with intricate balconies, and mouth-watering dishes, the buzzing hip social scene of the city should not be missed. Read More »


Tbilisi’s most famous night club has emerged a year ago and since has hosted world renowned DJ’s and electro musicians. Read More »
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Number 13

If you are looking for a new favorite spot in Tbilisi hidden away from the tourists, head to Number 13. Read More »
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Pierrot le Fou

If you want to purchase something besides Georgian designs, make sure to swing by the Pierrot Le Fou store named after a 1965 French film “Pierrot the madman”. Read More »

Chubika Concept Store

Nino Chubinishvili’s cutting-edge staircase bags, colorful love hats, and leather hand cuffs are her trademark, will cause a stir on any street. Read More »
chardin one concept store 5-min

Chardin One Concept Store

A selective collection and display of urban brands, Chardin One Concept store has an immaculate range of hip clothing and accessories by local designers and artists. Read More »
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Regina Chrysos Vanilla Slippers


Nikoloz Nutsubidze

Blue Table Cloth

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Nátiacuff by NÁTIA

Pearl Cuff

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